Reliance MET Industrial Plots Gurgaon

Location : Near Farukh Nagar, Gurgaon
Unit Type : Industrial
Size : 1 Acres
Builder : Model Economic Township
BSP: Rs. 8100/- per sq. mtr.
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Welcome to Reliance MET Industrial Plots Gurgaon, Near Farukh Nagar, Haryana

Meet your future business at Reliance MET Jhajjar, Haryana, India. To buy factory land or Industrial Plots Near Delhi NCR at an excellent location with world-class infrastructure with tremendous potential for growth. The Government of Haryana has approved the Model Economic Township (MET) project at Jhajjar road situated along the western border of Delhi in Haryana. The project is envisaged as a fully integrated industrial township over 8250 acres, with all the benefits of domestic tariff areas, special economic zones, industrial park clusters with support infrastructure of the logistics hub and social infrastructure including residential, commercial, recreational and institutional development.

If you are looking to develop, store equipment or set up your business in one of the ideal key industrial locations, you will be pressed to find better. We, at 1stkeys, provide an outstanding opportunity for you to acquire a large parcel of industrial land in Delhi NCR i.e. Industrial Plots at Reliance Model Economic Township (MET).


This exceptional Reliance Model Economic Township (MET) site is ideally located at the stellar and strategic location at the western border of Delhi / Gurgaon in Jhajjar district (Haryana) and provides connectivity to all the National Highways - NH-2, NH-8, NH-71, NH-10 in the NCR. It spreads over 30 revenue villages out of which 8 are in Gurgaon and 22 in Jhajjar.

Future development of this project is ensured by buffering agricultural zones in North-East of Delhi, Jhajjar Development Plan in the northwest, Gurgaon-Manesar Urban Complex in South East, and Farukh Nagar Development Plan in South.

Project distance from major cities and towns-

  • Farukh Nagar (Haryana) - 5km
  • Jhajjar (Haryana) - 14 Km 
  • Bahadurgarh (Haryana) - 17 Km
  • Gurgaon (Haryana) - 30 km
  • Najafgarh (Delhi) - 18km


Reliance is a name, which stands as a synonym to trust and reliance. Reliance stands for quality construction and honoring commitments to the highest of ethics and standards. The Reliance group envisions satisfaction beyond comparison to its customers and in building relations. India's largest private-sector enterprise Reliance is the ultimate name for your huge, safe and lucrative investments. Reliance Haryana SEZ Limited (RHSL) which is a subsidiary of Reliance Ventures Limited, a 100% subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited. The new development area of Industrial Plots at Reliance MET includes a number of highly efficient projects at the strategic location of industrial plots near Delhi.

Availability in the Project

Readily available freehold Industrial Plots at Reliance MET for immediate development. The industrial plots near Gurgaon available on a freehold basis are serviced with all necessary infrastructure utilities. Reliance industrial plots in model economic township limited will be available for development in standard sizes of 1000 sqm, 2000 sqm, 1 acre, 2.5 acres & 5 acres.

Current State of the Project

The project is in the intermediate stage of companies taking up space. Some companies have taken up almost 365acres space and are even employing ~2000 persons. Most of the companies are multinationals and rest are leading domestic players. Panasonic (Japan) has set up a large Techno Park over approx. 74 acres and is expanding its operations. Denso (Japan) has established over 18 acres and has commenced production and Reliance Retail is in process of establishing its National Distribution Centre For North India. Indospace is setting up a Ware Housing cum Industrial Park over an area of 110 acres. Reliance MET Footwear Park envisaged over 400 acres is one of the dedicated clusters in an identified zone for the Footwear and Leather industry, within the overall framework layout of the mega MET Project.

Please see the license and current availability information below.

Location and Project Advantages

As everything cannot be seen all over the world, industries to are not seen everywhere. Industries have an affinity towards particular locations.

NCR is one of the fastest-growing areas of the country not only from the industrial perspective but also as a consumer base. The purchasing power of people and huge wholesale and retail markets makes NCR an ideal location for industrial setup. Growth in NCR is driven by the expansion of the services sector, banking and insurance, real estate, trade and communication efficacy in the state. The location advantage, policy incentives, and infrastructure in the area support investments in industries of all scale and domains. The new Industrial Policy aims to provide a conducive environment for industries in India.

NCR in addition to location and convenience; has a large skill base. 30 percent of the workforce is qualified for occupations such as engineering, medicine, law, and consultancy. Among all the rest of the states, Delhi has the largest share of the skilled workforce, making it suitable for economic activities such as designing, R&D and financial services and production. The average Work Participation Rate (WPR) in the Model Economic The township project area, which is the percentage of total workers is 31% of which 82% are male and 18% female (2011 Census). Residents around industrial land for sale in Delhi are seeking the training to improve their skills for new-age technologies. Many people have moved away from farming and acquired skills to seek better job opportunities in industries.

Areas around NCR has always been extremely popular among industrialists. The reason is connectivity with densely populated capital of Delhi which can attract more business and the best facilities of transportation available there. Considering the same, Reliance has developed Reliance industrial plots with world-class infrastructure and transportation facilities. With some other industries already running, you will not be a newbie to the place and don’t have to face any teething problems. Infrastructure like wide roads, electricity, transformers, water, etc. are available for the smooth operation of your business. Plots with good truck access and secure yard are adaptable to a broad range of industrial commercial users.

Reliance MET is a complete industrial township that will not only have industry clusters and supporting areas of a logistics hub, rail and road connectivity but also essential social infrastructure including residential, commercial, recreational spots which offer unmatchable work-life balance and cost-effectiveness to all the activities within the township.

Reliance MET industrial plot location comes is an added advantage keeping the supreme court orders for relocating the industrial area from Delhi to Bawana which was world’s biggest industrial move by checking the ever-increasing magnitude of air pollution in Delhi which was even more unhealthy for the people inside the industrial area who were already working close enough to pollutants.  It has not only facilitated environmental protection but also decongestion for long-term sustainable development of the new industrial city. While the location of Reliance industrial model economic township still serves you all the benefits and availability for factory land for sale in Delhi / factory land in Gurgaon / factory land in Manesar; it still provides a legally valid and convenient location for industries to operate for the decades to come while still reaping the benefits of being close to the capital and other major industrial cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Faridabad. The location of factory land for sale in Gurgaon is already 5km from the sensitive zone and has acquired all the required environments clearances.

All resources are available near the location of the factory land for sale in Reliance industrial plot township. There are many other considerations except location including the availability of skilled manpower, raw material, technology, etc. to narrow down your choice to the modal economic township. With major successfully thriving industrial hubs in almost every industry domain around Model economic township like in Delhi, Gurgaon, Manesar, Faridabad, Noida, Daruhera and Bawana ensure proven availability of resources such as manpower and raw material.

For the smooth transportation through Rail, the Model economic township has smooth and efficient rail connectivity to the Northern Railway line and linked to the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). Well-developed road and railway networks permit easy transportation to different parts of the country, thus providing easy access to the market. The Private Freight Terminal (PFT) will be facilitated by the development of DFC and DMIC.

Road connectivity is ensured as it is situated along the Kundli Manesar Palwal (KMP) expressway with easy and secure yard access.

Air connectivity is via Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) in Delhi which is about 45 mins drive from the Reliance industrial plots via highways namely SH-15A and NH-8. This distance would be further reduced to about 30km, once the under-construction Northern Peripheral Road/ Dwarka Expressway is operational.

Infrastructure Strength

The state distribution grid will be fulfilling the power requirements of Modal Economic Township. Haryana state is aggressively on a mission to becoming a power sufficient state. The project will have 220 KV GIS substations, as these are connected to the national grid, there will be ample and reliable availability of power to the plots for sale in Gurgaon under Modal Economic township.

Gas industrial needs are also taken care of by Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL). They have laid a pipeline connecting to the Reliance industrial plots in the IMT Manesar area to meet gas requirements for industrial use.

220 KV GIS substations fulfill industrial needs of reliable power in the Model Economic Township.

Reliance industrial plots are enclosed in a self-sufficient Model Economic Township which has all the healthy essential components of the township with residential and social infrastructure need Model Economic Township by providing a cocktail of industrial, residential, institutional, commercial and recreational components of life stay true its name.

Proximity to multiple satellite cities like Gurgaon, Manesar, and Faridabad the Model Economic Township also meets immediate requirements by some of the best facilities in the country like hospitals, hotels, and schools. Along with the above stated urban facilities, there is AIIMS hospital, Medical college, Sehwag international school and other educational and health facilities in the vicinity.

Model Economic Township is a flat land from the fertile chunk of northern plains and is about 215m above Sea Level (MSL), There is a gentle but efficient slope towards an outfall drain that runs across the site and discourages any water accumulation in the area. The hydraulic gradient of groundwater is very gentle.

Flatland allows easy and quick transportation facilities as well as quick and strong building infrastructure.

The land is rocky and sturdy so load carrying the capacity of the soil is high which allows it to be perfect for heavy equipment and machinery.

There is ample water supply through canals and efficient drainage system namely Gurgaon Water Supply Channel and the NCR Water Supply Channel that supply potable water to the region. The 100 MLD surface water from NCR Channel will ensure 24x7 availability of water. Najafgarh Drain passes through the Model economic township site and takes care of excess water. CETP & STP will be set up as per the requirement and will ensure an environment-friendly disposal system.

The area has extreme weather. Very cold from January to the beginning of March and followed by the hot season till June. The normal annual rainfall in the area around factory land for sale in Gurgaon is about 444 mm.

FDI Inflows

The government is also encouraging activities allied to industries, such as consultancy, information technology, training of skilled manpower through vocational training programs and entrepreneurial development programs. FDI inflows in Delhi, including part of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, stood at US$ 82.77 billion from April 2000 to December 2018.

The Delhi government has set up a Business Facilitation Council (BFC) to facilitate single-window. Small scale industries registration has been simplified. State Level Export Promotion Committee (SLEPC) has been constituted to draw export policy and action plan and approve infrastructure projects for financial assistance under Assistance to States for Developing Export Infrastructure. According to Delhi 2021 Master Plan, special emphasis has been laid on improved solid-waste management policies. The short-term goals are capacity building with respect to financial services and performance management, affecting trial runs of collection and waste-reduction schemes, developing transport, landfill sites and transfer stations for waste and focusing on biomedical and hazardous waste management programs.

Nearby Faridabad city is a major industrial hub of Haryana and also the source of 50% of the income tax in conjunction with Gurgaon for Haryana. It is included in Delhi metropolitan area and also in the smart cities list and is just 74km away from Reliance industrial plots in the model economic township. Gurgaon which is just 45 mins drive from Reliance industrial plots in the model economic township is one of the major satellite cities of India and is part of the national capital region. It’s a leading financial and industrial hub and boasts of having third-highest per capita income in the country. Leading automobile manufacturer Maruti-Suzuki established a manufacturing plant here in the 1970s.  Gurgaon is home to more than 250 Fortune-500 companies.

Opportunity for Foreign Investors

The most notable location advantage of industrial land in and near Gurgaon is it is abundant and low-wage labor. Industries here benefit from sufficient electricity, reasonable and easily available transport facilities, good telephonic, fax, and internet access communication facilities. These facilities provide easy administrative procedures. The ease and availability of services gap between India and its neighboring countries do attract a lot of multinational firms to India especially in the areas around the National Capital Region. To attract more investors in the industrial area, the government has enhanced investment advantages and alleviated disadvantages. The government’s ‘Make in India’ program has driven a lot of project announcements and investment commitments since its launching date i.e. September 25, 2014. Under this program, the government has emphasized encouraging major national and international corporations to manufacture their products in India. This is also aimed at job creation and skill enhancement in 25 key sectors like automobiles, electricals, electronics, oil and gas, space and thermal power to name a few. Such an improved business and investment climate will make it possible for the industries in India to compete in the global market.


License for Reliance industrial plots Jhajjar along with the conversion of land use for development of an additional area of 1230 acres is under process with the Government of Haryana.

Name of the Colony 

Reliance Model Economic Township - Reliance Industrial Plots in Gurgaon Sizes: 2000 Sqm, 1 Acre, 3 Acres & 5 Acre

S.No    Plots Size    Reliance MET Industrial Plots Price (INR / Sqm)   Total Price(INR)

1.      2000 Sqm     9000/-                                                    RS.1.80 Crore

2.      1 Acre          8100/-                                                   RS.3.27 Crore

3.      3 Acre          7200/-                                                   RS.8.74 Crore

4.      5 Acre          7200/-                                                   RS.14.57 Crore

RERA No: HRERA - 457 of 2018

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