Tronica Industrial Estates In Ghaziabad

Tronica Industrial Estates In Ghaziabad

The industrial administrative division of Tronic town incepted within the 1990s, that the intention to develop the industrially backward space of Loni and attract the untapped business skills of North Eastern Delhi. Tronic is extremely on the brink of the capital of India and therefore an acceptable location for industrial development. Tronica Industrial Estates In Ghaziabad

Tronica town could be an outstanding space in Loni and consists of the many plots- business, industrial, private, residential, cluster housing, and institutional. Tronica town includes twelve residential plots, all the plots square measure 2000 acres. These consist of lush inexperienced plots and a well-maintained commons. Industrial plots in the Tronica town measure in high demand. Several firms have originated their base here.


It is just 2 kilometres away from the Delhi border, 12 kilometres from ISBT Kashmiri Gate, twenty klicks from the capital of India railroad station, and eight klicks from the signature bridge.

Tronica town industrial space is large spanning 2000 acres and has wide-ranging sectors for individual, group, industry, business, and institutional plots. It’s an extremely developed commons and smart inexperienced coverage. Tronica industrial estate is increasing and therefore the promoter’s square measure buying additional land.


One will reach Tronica industrial estate from Delhi via the quiet Khajuri Pushta road that is extremely on the brink of Wazirabad Bridge. A brand new the signature bridge that is recently being created can build transportation easier. Tronica industrial estate will be accessed from the Ghaziabad aspect through Saharanpur / Loni Baghpat road. Tronica industrial estate is extremely well connected from all sides. This makes business and transport processes terribly convenient.


Currently, the Tronica town industrial area/ estate has a wonderful power offer. On average,20 power offer is reported.


Around 750 units are established in Tronica space and a few additional beneath development. Around 300 homes are created in Tronica domestic sector. Several property developers have completed their trendy multi-storeyed buildings.

Tronica town and Loni industrial space have a distance of just 21 kilometres. It takes a nearly an associate half hour to travel from Tronica town to Loni industrial space. The approximate driving distance between the Tronica town and Loni industrial space is 21 kilometres. A small community Loni in Ghaziabad district in few years has been extended to Tronica town for urbanization. The UP state industrial development Corporation restricted, the complete zone of Tronica town, comprised of each residential and industrial sectors measure connected to any or all the necessary destination of Delhi NCR.

Industrialists and investors choose to purchase industrial the plot in Tronica town industrial space for these reasons.


Loni, the province has the potential to contribute to the economic development of UP. The closest airdrome to Tronica town is national leader International airdrome, 35 kilometres from Loni. Loni is just the most attractive neighbourhood that is connected to destinations close to Sonia Vihar Road, a network of four roadways and therefore the inauguration of Signature Bridge and Yamunotri state highway.

Moreover, the Khajuri Pushta Road that starts running at the Wazirabad Bridge and Loni Bagpat Road measure the most roads that connect totally different completely different elements of Loni to different places.UPSIDC is functioning to possess the property and a thousand acres are going to be more to the Tronica space coverage.


The state of art facilities and alternative facilities can build trendy living terribly snug and uncomplicated and square measure placed within the prime areas of Loni. These facilities square measure accessible from all elements of Tronica town. This space is additionally famed for its sound infrastructure objects. These embody a regular flow of electricity.


750 on go projects are there in the Tronica town industrial area which measures already complete measure nonetheless to be finished, consistent with the necessities. The residential sector in the Loni neighbourhood consists of three hundred residential units. Additional buildings square measure developing. Tronica town is extremely charming and has several subject field marvels.

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