The Emerging Rural Economy paving the way for Real Estate Sectors

Industrial Plot for Gurgaon

The Emerging Rural Economy paving the way for Real Estate Sectors : On the occasion of Panchayat Raj day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 24, 2020, launched two new web portals E-Gram Swaraj & Swamitva Yojana for the upliftment of the Indian Villages. Through video conferencing, the Prime Minister interacted with all the Gram Panchayats across India. 

Ownership Scheme to Boost Rural Economy

The New Scheme Swamitva Yojana paves the way for Real Estate Sectors, as it boosts the land appreciation value of the properties whether it is a farmhouse, agriculture plot, or urban agricultural land. This is the welcome note for real Estate Sectors which is the backbone of the Indian Economy.

What is e-Gram Swaraj App?

E-Gram Swaraj App is designed for monitoring of rural infrastructure works and to strengthen e-governance Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) across the country. This web portal can be accessed at and is also available as a mobile app. This web portal acts as a single platform that lists the panchayat wise work details and records all works of every panchayat under the Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP). This E-Gram Swaraj portal helps in faster implementation of the development projects. Starting from planning to its completion, this provides the information to the Gram Panchayats. This provides better transparency in decentralized planning, progress reporting, and work-based accounting. The biggest advantage of this portal is that every person in the Gram Panchayats will come to know about the ongoing project development works and the fund allocated for it. Any citizen /individual can register themselves at this portal and can know about the works being carried on in their villages/rural areas.

What is Swamtiva Yojana?

The Emerging Rural Economy paving the way for Real Estate Sectors !

The word ‘Swamitva’, which means ‘Ownership’, to the people through the identification of land/property rights. This scheme was launched on a pilot basis in six states initially. Later it will be expanded to other states in due time with changes and improvement. Swamitva Yojana provides a mapping of rural housing and land holdings via technology including drones. This scheme is to provide an integrated property validation solution to the rural areas of the country. Under this scheme, now the demarcation of inhabited land of the rural area is done using drones. Title deeds are issued based on mapping and help in settling property disputed in rural India. This would also help leverage the people of rural India to leverage property for institutional credit and other benefits. Moreover freeing the residential properties from disputes on the land of titles results in appreciation in the market value of the properties.

As a situation pertaining to COVID 19 marks a drastic change in manufacturing and industrial sectors, companies who have invested in a country like China are planning to shift to India where the labour is cheaper than many countries. This paves the way for Manufacturing and Industrial Real Estate sectors to boom. Especially industrial land in India where it can be utilized for setting up of new Industries. As the scheme is initially launched in Northern states, rural agricultural land for sale, Agri land for lease, and farmlands for sale would be in high demand in the coming days. Click here to invest your hard-earned money in the cheapest agricultural lands in Gurgaon. As a trusted property dealer in India, we don’t disappoint you!

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