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Reliance MET- The Biggest Hub of Investment

Reliance MET Jhajjar Haryana  How do you calculate profit from your business? The cost of product materials, payment of employees, electricity bills, transport charges and the rent charged is calculated and then minus with the overall income. The remaining amount is your profit. How cool will it be if you can able to save on the building rent? An IT hub like Gurgaon has high rental amounts. Small businesses find difficulties to pay off sometimes and at last, they shut off or in a loss. The ambitious project called Reliance Met Jhajjar, Haryana can help you to get rid of the problem of paying high rent for the property. Owning your industrial land near Gurgaon is one of the best opportunities that one shouldn’t slip from their hands.

Key Highlights of the Project

Reliance Met at Jhajjar is a model economic township project.

Plot sizes are varied to let you find your suitable plot which suits your requirements and fit your budget.

The plot is located at the Western Border of Delhi/Gurgaon in Jhajjar district, well connected to the National Highway- NH-2, NH-8, NH-71, and NH-10.

It is a freehold property with all necessary infrastructures like broad roads and electricity.

A huge project where the big name like Panasonic, Denso, Reliance Retail and Infospace have their plots.

Hurry Before It’s Too Late!

Reliance Met Jhajjar, Haryana is one of the most ambitious industrial plot projects for both big and small investors. The project is already in the intermediate stage. Over 365 acres of space has already been acquired by reputed enterprises. The future of the model industrial township is bright. Its connectivity to national highways and frequent bus services make it one of the best places to invest. It is a freehold property that gives you full control of the land and is not subject to any further payments like ground rents.

Since big companies like Reliance Retails and Panasonic are going to set up their plants, the plot value automatically increases. Shortly, you can plan to resell the property that could get you twice than the current price. Be it setting up a warehouse or a manufacturing unit, the industrial plot fits well.

If you are interested plotting plans of Reliance Met are as followed-

Plot size 2000 Sqm cost is 9000/- at Rs. 1.80 Crore
Plot size 1 Acre cost is 8100/- at Rs. 3.27 Crore
Plot size 3 Acres cost is 7200/- Rs. 8.74 Crore
Plot size 5 Acres cost is 7200/- Rs 14.57 Crore

Did you notice the bigger the plot size the lesser the price? However, you are independent to choose the plot of your choice and budget. Don’t let the opportunity slips from your hands.

Practically speaking, if you are paying Rs 1 lakh every month for a property, you are paying more than 1 crore in 10 years. As a wise investor, getting your own plot is always beneficial for your business.

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