Reliance Industrial Plots In Gurgaon

Reliance Industrial Plots In Gurgaon

Reliance MET glorious Industrial Plots close to Old Delhi. Reliance Industrial Plots In Gurgaon

About Reliance Industrial plots in gurgaon

Industrial plots at Reliance MET at Reliance MET is found  on the border of Gurgaon/ Old Delhi in Jhajjar space of Haryana.One of the foremost rated plot  industrial  plot in Old Delhi is MET or model economic territorial division project at Jhajjar district.

Reliance Industrial plots in gurgaon at are still below development and a very integrated facility with social and industrial infrastructure. Footwear park is roofed below four hundred acres of land and clusters for the footwear trade.

Industrial plots at Reliance MET Size:

• one thousand square measure, 2000 square, 1 acre, 2.5 acre, 5 acre. The Reliance industrial plots in Gurgaon Reliance MET are sold-out on a free hold basis. They’re on the market with all infrastructure facilities. Plots are going to be on the market for sizes one thousand, 1 acre, 2.5 acre and 5 acres.


Reliance MET is extremely well connected with KMP main road that is additionally called the western peripheral main road, passing through Old Delhi. This project is connected to any or all national highways- NH2, 8, 71, ten in NCR –Delhi.

Moreover, the 2 kilometer rail link from Farukhnagar depot extension to a non-public freight terminal is additionally progressing to be engineered. The Garhi Harsaru station is additionally progressing to be upgraded for sanctioning consignment movement Northern road and Dwarka main road also will be completed. This may boost transport to Reliance MET space.

The Reliance MET plots even have some residential properties. These residential plots ar for those employees and staff World Health Organization work Reliance MET. Smart living is accommodated for them at affordable rates. Commercial plots of a spread of sizes are planned inside the accredited space of MET. The plots meet government and state norms in terms of residential or industrial plots.


Reliance MET could be a massive industrial city and desires an access to a rail and transport network for movement of products, each international and domestic. The Engineering Scale set up has been cleared and a close project report is being ready below Indian railways.

Below are the aspects of cluster development at Reliance MET:

•             General Engineering Park

•             Food Park

•             Footwear Park

• Physics producing Clusters

•             Textile and attire Park

Companies started at Reliance MET

Below are some renowned corporations that have set base at Reliance MET and acquired plots here for industrial development and growth:

•             Denso – Japan has industrial development of over eighteen acres and has started production at Reliance MET industrial space.

•             Panasonic – Japan has established an oversized Techno Park of roughly seventy four acres and is increasing its operations here.

•             Reliance Industries can begin a national distribution center for North India at Reliance MET.

•             Indo area can begin a warehouse with a piece of land, in a part of over one hundred ten acres.

These are some renowned industries commencing their activities at Reliance MET.


Reliance MET power and electricity demand are going to be consummated through the State distribution grid. Haryana can become an influence enough state terribly presently. The new grid can establish 220 kilovolt GIS substations and these are going to be connected to the national grid. This ensures adequate power offer within the space.

Infrastructure and Development at Reliance MET


Gas Authority of India (GAIL), is connected to Reliance MET and it takes care of all gas needs within the space.


Water at Reliance MET are going to be on the market through a new developed water pipeline. Currently, it’s on the market through H2O dig. Hence, water are going to be on the market in abundance here.

These facilities create Reliance MET a sexy possibility for investors trying to get plots in Old Delhi and close areas.

Why can investors invest in Reliance MET?

The Delhi government has enforced strict rules concerning industries in residential and alternative areas in and close to correct Delhi. Therefore, several corporations are forced to appear for industrial plots outside Old Delhi. Reliance MET could be a nice possibility for them. Old Delhi ceiling of those factories can boost industrial development in industrial areas like Reliance MET. Investors trying to get plots in Old Delhi can seek for schemes like Reliance MET.

The thus referred to as “Boycott China” impact as a result of Covid 19 also will influence industrial homes to speculate in India. Old Delhi and its close industrial areas are going to be a hot cake for such investors.

Below is that the outline of key aspects of Reliance MET, Jhajjar:

 •             Established by India’s largest and darling non-public sector company- Reliance Industries restricted

• It’s a free area of 8250 acres.

• Types of plots ar on the market for those trying to speculate in Old Delhi.

• It’s absolutely set within the neighborhoods of Old Delhi.

•             Reliance MET has received surroundings clearance of 1860 acres.

• Glorious rail linkage, sturdy property, and multi transport network.

•             Government approved licensing.

• 365 acres industrial license.

• Offer for over one hundred MCD from new created NCR channel.

Current costs of Plots in Delhi:

Future Appreciation of those Plots

The growth rate of realty or plots in Delhi/ Gurugram is y o y a hundred and thirtieth. Thus, investment created these days in realty in Old Delhi can fetch a awfully high price within the future.

FIIs can think about this growth story whereas creating their investment call.

One of the simplest economic business townships in India, Reliance MET encompasses a great distance to travel.

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